Term & Conditions

Prospective Customers must guarantee at least 1 original identity that is still valid, the original identity that must be guaranteed as a condition of motorbike rental in Bali is: :

  1. Identity Card (KTP) *required
  2. Family Card (KK)
  3. Public / Private Employee Card (Karpeg)
  4. Sim A/SIM B/SIM INTERNATIONAL Driving License
  5. Pasport
  6. TAX Card
  7. Membership Card (KTA) TNI/POLRI
  8. Student Identity (KTM)
  9. Husband / Wife Marriage Book
  10. Student card
  11. ETC.

Special Note

  • Must fill out the form that we send via WhatsApp
  • Prospective borrowers for Bali motorbike rental must have a Driving License (SIM) according to the specifications of the leased vehicle and are fully responsible for damage and or loss of the leased vehicle.
  • For bookings of more than 1 unit Prospective bali motorcycle rental customers are required to do
  • Payment / repayment is paid in full at the time of the motorcycle rental transaction.
  • Kelebihan waktu (overtime) sewa motor dikenakan biaya sebesar Rp 10.000,-/jam, bila lebih dari 3 jam dihitung sewa 1 hari.
  • The identity must be original, not a photocopy and must be in the tenant’s personal name
  • The motorbike that you rent can only be used for the Bali area, it is strictly forbidden to carry / cross outside Bali
  • BBM at the initial handover must be the same at the time of return
  • For service delivery work hours start at 07:00 until 22:00

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